Concert Etiquette

Enjoy the music!

Everyone experiences concerts in different ways; some people closely follow the printed program during a piece, some listen with their eyes closed, some follow the conductor’s every gesture, some do all of these and more. The important thing is to help create and sustain an environment where everyone in the hall can totally immerse themselves in the beauty and magic of the live performance of fine music.


Please plan on arriving 30 minutes before the start of the concert. This will give you ample time to find that good parking spot and to locate your assigned seat. This is also a good time to turn off your cell phone and peruse the program. If you arrive late due to circumstances beyond your control, please wait to be seated until the ushers signal to you that it is okay to proceed.


At the beginning of the concert, the concertmaster will come on stage and the audience claps as a sign of welcome and appreciation to all musicians. After the orchestra has finished tuning their instruments, the conductor comes onstage and the audience claps again to welcome him as well. Once the music starts, please refrain from clapping until after the end of the last movement. The conductor will indicate this when he drops his hands to his sides and turns around and faces the audience. When in doubt, wait to see what the rest of the audience is doing; you do not have to be the first to applaud.


As there is no set dress code for concerts, please wear clothes that make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You may see some people dressed in formal clothes while others may be dressed casually. Do not let your wardrobe keep you from enjoying a concert.


Please do not talk, whisper, eat or drink during the concert as it may prevent those sitting around you from enjoying the evening. When in doubt, avoid doing anything that will make anyone take his or her attention away from the performers. We hope you found this useful and we are glad you have chosen to spend the evening with us.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the concert!