To date, the Great Falls Symphony Association has awarded over $95,000 in scholarships!

  MUSIC LESSON SCHOLARSHIPS  Due April 10, 2017 In an effort to support music education, the Great Falls Symphony Association offers scholarships for music lessons to talented students every spring. Awards range from $350 – $750 and are given to outstanding students taking or wanting to enroll in music lessons. A student receiving a music lessons scholarship is required to participate in the Youth Orchestra Program. To be considered for a live audition please fill out the Music Lesson Scholarship Application. YOUTH ORCHESTRA TUITION WAIVERS The Great Falls Symphony provides tuition waivers for qualifying students in the Youth Orchestra Program. Students receiving a fee waiver take on additional responsibilities such as orchestra set up/take down, sorting music, and volunteering at Symphony events.  Tuition Waiver applications are due the first Wednesday of each semester. THE JAN NEREM SCHOLARSHIP Due March 2017 This award is for a graduating senior who has made a significant contribution to the Youth Orchestra Program and exhibits potential to serve as an emissary for the value of music in society. Jan Nerem was the first manager of the Great Falls Youth Orchestra who retired in 2006 after many years of service in both the public schools and Great Falls Symphony’s music programs.  Jan Nerem Requirements/Application MARY E. MOORE CHORAL SCHOLARSHIP Due March 15, 2017 Named after the founding Symphonic Choir director, Mary Moore, this award is given to an outstanding student studying choral music at the university level. Mary retired after 34 years of service in 1994, and continues to be an active participant and advocate for choral music on both local and national levels. This scholarship was established on behalf of the Symphonic Choir in the spring of 2013.  Applications are accepted annually in February.  Download Application